About Sofi

Sofi is a company which helps people to make transactions between each other. So that it would be easy, safe and beneficial for all the parties.

We help you to lease a car or place disposable funds. We manage the necessary agreements and are a connecting link between a buyer and a seller.

Sofi’s business idea is focussed on social financing. We find that most of the financial services can be offered in a more human-centred, flexible and customer-focussed way than it is done today.

Maximizing profit is not the sole purpose of Sofi’s activity. We do not prefer the interests of one party to the interests of the other one but we act for the sake of finding a solution satisfying the needs of our clients, employees, owners as well as the surrounding environment.

We are confident that by balanced acting and doing your best every day, the results will come. We believe that a human-centred administration of things is possible also in the world of finance.

Sofi OÜ was established in 2009. It is a subsidiary of Social Bankers AS.